Breastfeeding Tips

Hey Mamas! Many of you have contacted me in hopes of finding out some answers on breastfeeding. You guys have told me that your milk didn’t come in after a few tries so you switched to formula. You’ve also asked me how I deal with the hassle of breastfeeding and how to keep your milk flow going. I’m no expert, trust me. However, I would love to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way!

  1. Keep your little latched on as often as you can
  2. Pump often! I can’t stress that enough. Even if you’ve just fed, pump!
  3. Don’t supplement, don’t use formula.
  4. Lactation cookies, tea and milk are great if you need a little more help.
  5. Take hot showers and massage your breasts to get the flow going.
  6. If baby isn’t latching on, try hand expressing milk.
  7. Drink tons and tons of water! At least one liter a day!!! 
  8. Eat a lot of protein and at least three consistent meals a day. Your baby needs it.

For the moms who told me your milk supply didn’t come in, so you gave up. It takes time. For some moms it takes a little bit longer. I knew someone, who’s supply didn’t come in for about a week! But her baby was nursing fine. My milk supply came in after 3 days. Bubs was nursing like a champ since birth. The moment she came out, she latched on for an hour!!

Princess Anaís, treats me as if I’m her human pacifier and I don’t mind. She’s currently going through a growth spurt so our nursing sessions have been more frequent and longer. She’s latching on about every two hours and will feed for 45-60 mins. Yesterday she nursed for two hours and then used me as her pacifier for another two hours. The more often your baby is latched on, the more milk your breasts will produce. Your body knows how much your baby needs to feed and how often. It will produce the perfect amount for her!

Tale care of yourself and your body. Drink a liter of water a day, the more you breastfeed the more dehydrated you will become. Eat! I know it’s hard with a baby. However, she depends on you and your milk. You provide all the nutrients she needs. Sometimes our milk production will slow down, that’s when you should have baby latched on more often and pump. Pumping can help increase flow and keep you from becoming engorged and backed up. Lactation products can help as well. My favorite brand is MilkFlow, I enjoy their powdered berry mix.

It’s hard, tiresome and can be frustrating at times. Their growth spurts are definitely exhausting on our bodies, but it’s worth it. The benefits are amazing, for the both of you! If you’re curious about the benefits of nursing and what to know more about it, check out my last post. ‘Why I Prefer Breastfeeding.’

But remember fellow mamas, I’m no expert! If you’re having a hard time and need more help ask your OB or a lactation consultant. They are extremely helpful, I promise you!

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