What Anaís Eats In A Day

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now. Many mamas have asked me how I introduced Anaís to solid foods, how long I breastfed her, what foods she enjoys the most, and if she’s a picky eater. I’m going to do my best to describe her diet and our journey to solid foods.

I breastfed Anaís until she was four months. I stopped because she was becoming a bit of a biter. She would get really excited and clamp down — ouch! Pumping wasn’t working either as it wasn’t convenient. I slowly weened her off the boob and began feeding her Similac Advance formula.

Anaís was introduced to solid foods at four months. She began showing signs that she was ready and I went with it. We started with two jars of puréed baby food a day. Puréed sweet potatoes, applesauce, carrots, green beans, she enjoyed them all. She quickly showed a dislike to mango and peach though, so we stopped giving her those after a few tries. Two weeks later it increased to three jars a day, about 5-6 bottles of formula in a 24hr period, and a few ounces of Parent Choice apple or pear juice.

Anaís five month birthday came with two little teeth. We then introduced her to mixed foods such as chicken and rice, vegetables and turkey, fruit medleys, and so on. At this point she was better at grasping items and showed strong signs of being able to self-feed. Her dad and I decided to started giving her snacks like Gerber Puffs and slices of fruits such as bananas, and pears. She was a quick learner.

Fast forward to six months we switched to Gerber Food Stage 3. They are called Lil’ Bits. She loved them! She ate three containers each day, had a few of her snacks, and washed it down with apple or pear juice juice.

It didn’t take long for her other teeth to show up and more snacks and meals to enter her diet. Now she’s eating yogurts, little munchies, banana cookies, and even beans and rice!

Here’s a look at her daily meals in order:

7am: 10oz of Similac.

9am: 1 scrambled egg cooked in unsalted butter with 4oz apple or pear juice and maybe a few bites of mommy’s avocado toast.

12am: 1 container of Gerber’s Breakfast Buddies Apple Cinnamon hot cereal with fruit and a few more sips of juice.


2pm: 1 container of Gerber Yogurt Blends, a handful of Parents Choice Little Munchies, and 4oz of water

4pm: 1 tray of Gerber Lil’ Meals with 4oz of pear or apple juice

5pm: 8oz of Similac with a handful of Gerber Banana Cookies


7pm: A banana, apple, or slices of cantaloupe

9:30-10: 8oz of Similac & bedtime

Keep in mind that her meals may change day-to-day. Sometimes if I make a meal and the husband and I are sitting down eating, she’ll want what we’re eating. This is how she was introduced to avocado toast, beans and rice, chicken, mashed potatoes and even ice cream.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When baby is sick, sometimes they don’t want to drink their bottle no matter how badly you want them to. If this happens, mix 2-3 scoops of their formula into some baby cereal, that way they consume the essential nutrients they need.
  • Another tip related to the last, if baby doesn’t want to drink a bottle of formula, give them a few ounces of juice. There’s nothing wrong with a few ounces, it’s best if they had juice or water rather than nothing. Don’t purchase anything with added sugar or preservatives.
  • If your baby wants to eat food 3x a day rather than drink milk, that’s ok. As long as they are drinking a few bottles a day and you’re combining their formula with food, they are still receiving their nutrients. Not all babies are on the same eating schedule or want to eat the same things. Listen to your little and figure out their preferences.

I am going to be honest with you. I allow her to eat pastries and baked goods. I will give her a bite of a brownie, or cupcake, a taste of chocolate frosting, and even a piece of chocolate. Everything is good in moderation. She doesn’t have it everyday and not even every week but I won’t deprive her. I feel if you deprive your babies of things like this now, once they finally have a taste of it, they might go nuts — haha! But I don’t believe giving them a few ounces of juice or a nibble of a brownie will make them hyper or give them a sugar rush. Some babies are just more naturally active than others.

We consume a lot of home cooked meals. I make breakfast every morning, prepare snacks for us and I cook dinner often. Her dad is a huge fan of pancakes. Some mornings I’ll give her a few pieces of his pancake or half of a homemade waffle. Some nights she wants what we’re having. If that’s rice and beans and not her usual Lil Meals, that’s fine. If we go out to eat, I’ll give her some French fries or a piece of chicken, maybe some steamed broccoli. I think it’s great to give them a taste of food that you eat so they become comfortable with it. After all they can’t eat baby food for the rest of their lives. It’s best to expose them early on. Don’t worry if their diet changes, it’ll keep doing so as they get older.

I am a mother of one little princess and I’m learning as I go. Do what you believe is best for your bubs. No one knows what’s best for their baby like their own mama. Also, I’m not a doctor im just sharing my own experience. If your bubs eating habits seem off to you, speak to your pediatrician 🙂


A happy mama and her hungry baby!

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