Anaís Fall Wardrobe: Petal Pink Obsession

It’s so much fun being the mother to my wonderful, ticklish, sassy, beautiful, and silly little girl! She really knows how to brighten my world. When I found out I was carrying her, I knew I was going to give her the universe. I can’t go to a store, drive past a mall, or even browse shops online without purchasing something for her. It’s important to me that she’s happy, healthy, and raised in a loving environment. Part of this includes buying clothing that is comfortable, soft, versatile, mixable, and with a modern sense of style. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to buying products for your children and that’s why I have chosen Gymboree as my go-to store for Anaís clothing.

My princess, just like every other child deserves to roam free, play, dance, explore, and live life without worrying about itchy clothing or garments that are too tights and just not right! It’s also beneficial for us parents when we can find products that won’t stain easily and give our Little’s so they can dress themselves 🙂

I recently purchased more than half if not all of Gymboree’s toddlers fall line! The attention to detail, softness, and versatility of each piece is amazing! Here’s a roundup of all the lovely pieces I purchased during our last shopping trip.

1. Tutu Dress

2. Puffer Vest

3. Planets Leggings

4. Pom-Pom Colorblock Beanie

5. Stars Hoodie

6. Colorblock Sweater Dress

7. Unicorn Ruffle Top

8. Glitter Leggings

9. Floral Dress

I linked each clothing item so you can go check out their amazing deals and quality for yourself! I do a lot of shopping at Gymboree for my Anaís and I hope to share my next clothing haul with you soon!

Happy shopping!

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