Clothing Necessities For The Breastfeeding Mama

There aren’t enough options! I can’t stress this enough honestly and as a mom who is exclusively breastfeeding it can be very frustrating shopping for clothes. In fact, I have ditched my entire wardrobe and have only been wearing clothing that is nursing friendly and if I’m at home, I’m walking around in a nursing bra and my comfiest joggers.

There once was a time where you would always catch me in heels and a dress no matter the season, now this mama is wearing tops with clasps and leggings with flats. My closet has become one of my minimalists dreams and only has the basic necessities when it comes to colors, staples, and breastfeeding-friendly options.

During the entirety of summer I wore nursing camis that had clasps so I can clip and un-clip when I needed to feed my daughter, when it got a little colder I just started throwing a basic solid colored cardigan over them and pairing it with comfy compression leggings. However, now winter is slowly approaching and I had to find warm breastfeeding-friendly clothing ASAP because those camis aren’t cutting it anymore.

For starters, I get all of my nursing clothing from Amazon because who am I kidding? As much as I love that floral prints from Motherhood Maternity I do not want shell out $35 for just one top but hey, if you can, then go for it mama! But for the rest of us who want as much bang for our buck, Amazon is the place to shop. I have compiled a list of all the breastfeeding friendly clothing that I own and recommend.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you shop from the links below, I earn a a small commission at no extra cost to you! Each time you shop from one of my links, you help support me and my blog, thank you.

Nursing Bras:

I purchased a basic three-pack of seamless nursing bras with padding from Amazon in staple colors: black, grey, and white. They fit true-to-size and hold up well in the wash! I have been using and washing mine for over 5 months and they are still in great shape!

Nursing Camis:

Oh how I adore these camis so much! The material is comfortable, lightweight, the built-in-bra is lined so you don’t have to worry about nipple coverage, they are long enough to be worn with just leggings or tucked in, they can be washed with the rest of your clothing, and no matter what they retain their shape. However, they do fit like babydoll tops so if you’re not comfortable with a snug top, size up. These camis are racer back because I find that more comfortable, I don’t want to have to worry about straps sliding off while nursing. The hardest decision I had to make was which colors I would like, I opted for your basic colors that can be worn in the summer and transition into fall.

Long-Sleeved Nursing Tops:

Alright! We’re approaching winter quickly and my camis just aren’t doing the trick anymore so I opened up my Amazon app and searched for long sleeve nursing tops. There were so many options and I didn’t like the way some of the tops were structured but these long-sleeved tops with ruched sides I love! The material is comfortable just like the camis above, they hold up well in the wash, and are true-to-size. Again, I went with your basic colors so I can wear them with different bottoms but who am I kidding, I know I’ll be in black leggings all winter—hahah!

The best part about these tops is how they are structured, it’ll be easier to nurse her without exposing myself and I don’t need to wear a nursing bra because I have adequate nipples coverage. The tops come two in a pack or more!

Nursing Hoodies/Sweaters:

Okay, so I couldn’t resist adding a hoodie to my cart because who am I kidding, sometimes you just want a lazy outfit and hoodies and leggings are the best combo! So whoever made breastfeeding friendly hoodies, thank you! I was skeptical at first but now I have these in a few different colors.

There you have it, these are my breastfeeding essentials for the busy mama! Life itself is complicated, so at least our clothing doesn’t have to be. I enjoy all of these pieces because I can keep rotating them, the fabrics are wonderful and keep their size, and they help me keep going on my breastfeeding journey but it doesn’t hurt that they are a whole lot cheaper than maternity clothing from big box stores, so thank you Amazon for being my go-to for almost everything!

I hope you nursing mamas enjoy these items as much as I do and that they make nursing a whole lot easier 🙂


A comfortable breastfeeding mama

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