Happy Six Months, Katya!

It’s official princess, you’ve been chillin’ with us earth-side for half a year! Mama began planning your first birthday party yesterday. I’m overjoyed to see what new things you will learn, discover, and experience before you hit that big 12 month mark!

However, I am in no rush for you to grow up. If there’s one thing I learned from raising your sister it’s that time is fleeting and before I know it, you’ll be a sassy, independent lady who wants to do it all.

Where do I begin? We are still exclusively breastfeeding *fist pumps* and you have no idea how grateful mama is to continue this journey with you! It’s been difficult because you have GERDS and are allergic to dairy, eggs, and soy, but mama was able to change her diet and get you on the proper medication, and you have been a happy camper since. The left boob is your favorite so mom has been walking around sorta lopsided no big deal. What I love the most is how you nestle up to me for a nursing session, you play with my necklace, and rub my face, and slowly fall asleep while staring into my eyes. You’re perfection.

We haven’t started solids yet and won’t do so until we discuss it with your pediatrician, I need to make sure I prepare and feed you the right foods due to your allergies. I have done my own research and once we get the green light, we will start with mashed fruits and veggies! I am excited to see your reaction when you try new foods!

Personality wise, you are the bubbliest little bubs I ever did meet! You are always laughing, smiling, and cooing up a storm, even it’s it’s 2am. You’re very observant and rarely cry, to be honest the only times you do cry is when you have a poopy diaper or you can’t see mommy.

What are your likes and dislikes so far? You enjoy snuggles, co-sleeping (but you have to be on mommy’s arm and only on my left side), speaking of which the left boob is your favorite, anything and everything big sister Anaís does is hilarious and makes you laugh until you burst, every time daddy holds you you fall asleep, mommy has to be in your view at all times or you will absolutely lose it, Spongebob is your favorite show to watch just like the rest of us in the Douglas house, you dislike being in your car seat and long car rides, and I don’t blame you.

To this day, I have not once left your side because mama takes you everywhere. I don’t like being apart from you, I don’t trust a soul with you, and I won’t force you to take a bottle, but you seem perfectly ok with that because whenever you look at me, your face lights up and you beam with love and happiness. I thrive off of that. Being your mother, mothering you and your sister is something I take seriously and I’m forever grateful that you girls chose me.

Am I crying right now? Maybe. Where did the time go? Why does it feel like I brought you home a few weeks ago? Time is not fair and waits for no one. I know you’re excited to continue to grow and learn more, I know you want to explore and get into mischief with your sister, I know you want to wreak havoc and run around our home too. Your time will come my darling, before you know it you will be crawling, then walking and talking, and you will have all the independence you desire. For now, just lay with me and let me kiss your feet, and admire those rosy cheeks, for my baby you will always be.


Your mama

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