I Don’t Have A New Year Resolution for 2020

Happy New Year! We welcomed another year and began a new decade this morning at 12 am and this past decade was a wonderful learning experience that brought joy, love, pain, perspective, and new life into my corner of the world.

I have been reading all of your positive and uplifting New Years resolutions and I am glad that you are working on improving yourselves, after all we’re a work in progress. However, I disagree and dislike the “new year, new me” motto because a new year does not mean I must dispose of the old me and act brand new, whatever that may mean.

I am enough.

I believe that you can have a fresh start no matter the day of the week, month, or year, because a fresh start can begin at this very moment. I was never one to wait for “the perfect moment” because it doesn’t exist, we exist, and we must make things happen on our own, clean our slates, and start anew.

As we welcomed 2020, I chose to leave behind certain behaviors, people, and things that held me back and inhibited me from reaching an enlightened state of happiness. I left behind people who did not add or take away from my existence, people who brought toxicity into my life, as well as my own toxic behaviors. I left behind all negative thoughts, feelings, and perspectives I had towards myself and those around me, I released all of the negative emotions I harbored and walked away.

I’m bringing positivity into 2020, I’m bringing happiness, joy, thankfulness, gratefulness, love, forgiveness, and light into my life. If I have an effect on anyone in this new year, this new decade, and years to come, I hope it is a positive one.

Do I have goals? Of course! My goals are to improve my physical and mental health, to be a better mother and wife, to take care of myself so my cup never empties, to think before I act, and to be the best human I can be.

My goals are to be active at least six days a week (thanks babe for buying an elliptical), take my girls to the library twice a week, read one book every month, unplug once a week, drink more water and less alcohol, and live a minimalist lifestyle. I created attainable goals and I am holding myself accountable for my actions. Let’s start 2020 off on a great note!

What are your goals for the new year?


A determined mama

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