12 Wishes I Have for My Daughters:

Here I am, laying on the couch with a baby asleep in my arms and another asleep on my legs, I’m in heaven. Motherhood can be difficult but at times like these I’m grateful that I can experience it.

Anaís and Katya are two years and two months apart, which means they will go through milestones side-by-side, the way my sister and I did. My girls will be in elementary, middle, and high school together and only two grades apart, they may go through puberty around the same time, have their first crush around the same time, and experience the tribal and tribulations of growing up, together.

Life can be difficult and I know my girls won’t always be the best of friends, “sisters are different flowers from the same garden” as they say, but I know Anaís and Katya will always have each other’s back.

12 Wishes I Have For My Daughters:

    To Always Have Each Others Back, No Matter What: Life can be difficult and we get into sticky situations whether it’s with family, friends, romantic relationships, school, work, or anything else life throws at us. I wish for my girls to have each other’s back and support one another through whatever difficulties, challenges, obstacles, or even wonderful experiences they may face.
    To Motivate and Uplift One Another: If your sister lost their mojo, their inspiration, motivation, or are lost in life, I wish for you to come through and help get her back on track so that no sister is left behind.
    To Care For Each Other: If your dad or I aren’t around for whatever reason, I wish for my girls to look after one another, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, sickness, health, schoolwork, jobs, relationships issues, whether romantic or not, I would want my girls to take care of each other. If your sister is experiencing a broken heart, help guide her through it, if she’s sick help nurse her back to health, if there is no food find a way to make a meal and get food in their belly, just always care for each other.
    To Be Honest and Loyal to Each Other: Honesty is a persons best quality, there’s no trust without honesty and without honesty and trust there is no relationship. I want my girl to be loyal and honest with each other, if someone is fucking up or is losing their way, I want their sister to step up and say something. I don’t want my girls gossiping about one another and bad mouthing their sister to someone else, I want my girls to always tell each other like it is and be respectful along the way. If your sister hurt you, don’t turn your back on her, talk to her about it and squash the beef.
    To Be Successful: This wish that I have for the girls is an obvious one. I want them to be successful in their school work, their careers, their friendships and romantic relationships, in creating families, in buying homes, and building a life for themselves. I want them to be successful in all that they do and I want each sister to be as supportive as they are able.
    To Never Abandon Your Sister: This wish goes along with #4, but I wish that my girls may never abandon each other. Sisters are different, they may butt heads, have disagreements, and annoy each other, but at the end of the day when your dad and I are gone, you only have each other. You both share the same DNA, last name, parents, and live under the same roof (until you’re 18–hahah jk!) but I don’t ever want my girls to turn their back on one another, please don’t abandon each other.
    To Educate Each Other: Whether Anaís learns how to do something first or Katya does, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care if it’s your hair, your makeup, how to drive a car, do algebra, solve a Rubik’s cube, whatever it may be, teach your sister. I can’t stress this enough, no sister left behind! Share your experiences, your successes and failures, learn from each other and enlighten one another. Don’t let fear, jealousy, or gluttony poison either of you, you’re not competing against each other in this life. Grow together.
    To Express Their Emotions: I’m talking about more than just being loyal and honest with each other, I’m talking about saying “I love you,” giving each other hugs, showing sisterly affections, and not be weird about it. I was raised in a home where affection was rarely shown and your dad and I don’t want you guys to experience or behave that way. You never know when it may be your last goodbye, please always show how much you care about your sister, you never know what she may be going through.
    For You To Never Settle: Don’t settle for anything in life, not relationships, not for your husband or wife, not for that job offer, not for the ‘ok’ grade, not for the first opportunity that comes your way. I want you to work hard in life and always know you deserve the best! Don’t settle for anything because you deserve more than that.
    To Love Yourselves: Don’t let anyone ever make you feel less than. I want you girls to always love the skin you are in and believe in yourselves! Life is too short to second-guess yourself. If you don’t like the way something is or how it looks, change it! But always love yourselves first and foremost.
    Be True To Yourselves and In Charge of Your Life: Don’t let anyone control your life or your emotions. If you’re mad, angry, frustrated, jealous, sad, own it! Take charge of your life because it’s yours and we only get one chance at this. Make the hard decisions, take the leap, control your own destiny.
    To Know I Tried My Hardest: Being a mom isn’t easy and I won’t lie and say you and your sister didn’t annoy me, make me cry, make me upset, or get me angry, but you guys also brought so much happiness into my life that I didn’t even know existed. You girls helped me learn, grow, and evolve into a better human being. Anaís and Katya, I love you with all of my being and I wish nothing more than for you both to live the happiest, most fulfilled, adventurous, enlightening lives. Please don’t forget how much your dad and I love you, or our family traditions no matter how corny. I hope you know we worked our butts off to give you the best life we could and you girls are always the center of our worlds.

I love you both beyond words,

Your mom

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