Meet, Ruby

I’m a walking boob.

The source of nutrients, nourishment, comfort, and safety, to my daughter.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see myself other than this human milk-making machine. I’m always in a nursing cami, bra, or blouse. I miss normal clothing and undergarments.

When was the last time I wore a regular bra? I have no clue because it’s been months, and months, and months.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed recently when I came across The Dairy Fairy feed. Intrigued, I clicked on their website to learn more about their intimates made for moms. These wonderful humans created feminine but functional bras for milk-making mamas like myself and my goodness their intimates are gorgeous!

I never knew nursing and pumping friendly undergarments can be feminine and have lace detailing. I assumed I was going to be stuck wearing your basic, cotton, ugly bra, until my breastfeeding journey ends. Thankfully, that isn’t the case because The Dairy Fairy has brought femininity and beauty back into my everyday wardrobe.

Meet, Ruby.

Ruby has brought back so much confidence into my life! She is wire free with stretch so I don’t feel compressed when I’m engorged. There are openings on each side for easy boob access and hands-free pumping. Also, there are nursing clasps like any other breastfeeding bra, to feed babe whenever and wherever.

I own her in sage because it’s one of my favorite shades of green, but she’s available in black as well! I fit a medium perfectly, but their sizes range from XS-2XL so no mom is left out.

But, can we talk about how beautiful she is? The hints of sage, the lace detailing, the lightweight but supportive material, the wonderful gold hooks, and soft but flattering band, she is a must-have bra for any nursing mom! Hubby didn’t even realize it was a nursing bra until I told him —- hahah!

It’s nice being able to put this beauty on at night while still being able to breastfeed my daughter. We all know how night nursing sessions go and the leaking that involved. In a way, this bra is benefitting three people. Its called ingenious intimates for a reason.

I love, love putting on this delicate and beautiful nursing bra. It’s made me feel more confident because I’m not always wearing a frumpy basic brassiere anymore, this bra was designed with moms like me in mind. The fit is perfect and flattering and it’s completely functional.

I’m a walking boob, but a confident one! 🙂

Friends don’t let friends wear bad bras! If you would like to purchase your own Ruby in sage, or another one of their wonderfully designed intimates, use my link to save 10%! Get yourself a new bra, girl!


A stylish breastfeeding mama!

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