To My Mother-in-Law, Thank You

To my mother-in-law, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for the adorable clothes you buy my daughters, the countless toys, snacks, and the joy you bring them. For the adventures you take my toddler on and the memories you give her.

Thank you for buying an SUV so you can fit both of my daughters car seats and for having Baby Einstein on a loop in the backseat, you’re the coolest.

Anaís is always so thrilled to jump into your backseat, watch movies, and go for a ride.

Thank you for dropping by and hanging out when I had a long day and for our heart-to-heart conversations, I appreciate them more than you know.

Thank you for calling to check-in and see how the girls are doing and how my day is going. Thank you for listening to my endless rants when I just need to vent. But, thank you for understanding when I don’t want to talk and giving me my space. We all have our days.

Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms even though we had a rocky start, thank you for taking the time to understand me and who I am.

Thank you for the love and support you give our family.

Most of all, I want to thank you for raising such a strong, independent, and wonderful man, who I’m thankful to call my husband and the father of my daughters.

I can tell from the stories of his childhood and the endless photos that fill your home, that you two have an unbreakable bond. His upbringing and your parenting style helped create the man he is today. The man that we love.

Thank you for teaching him that he could be anything he wanted to be and that hard work always pays off. You gave him a foundation that he could build himself on and it’s created a stable, organized, loving, and courageous human being.

He’s helped me learn how to love and respect myself more than I ever have.

He’s taught me what it means to love unconditionally, that I don’t need inspiration or motivation from anyone else but myself, and live my life to the fullest.

He’s taught me how important life is and to be adventurous.

He’s taught me to get up and get shit done, no matter what’s going on.

He’s picked me up when I am down and wiped away my tears.

He’s filled my life with endless love and positivity.

Thank you for raising a son who is clean, organized, responsible, dedicated, and determined. He helps me clean our home on days that I cannot, he knows how to organize and put away our laundry (also, thank you for teaching him how to do laundry!), he’s responsible and knows what needs to be done to make things happen, he’s a dedicated husband, father, brother, son, soldier, and police officer.

Your son, my husband, is one of the most wonderful humans I’ve ever met.

Thank you for raising a son who instead of running away when we found out we were expecting our first daughter, hugged me. Thank you for raising him to be compassionate, open-hearted, and loving. I’ll never forget the way he consoled me that day, how he looked into my eyes and told me he couldn’t ask for a better mother to his child. The way the excitement radiated from his body and how his eyes filled with love when he explained how he wanted nothing more but to raise this baby together. Thank you for raising a man who has unshakable strength and supports me when I need it the most.

Thank you for raising a man who didn’t run away from his responsibilities and treat it as a burden. Thank you for raising the type of man who ran head first into parenthood and husband hood without looking back.

You raised a man who knows loyalty and family are important. He stood by my side during both pregnancies and was there to catch both girls as they left my body and entered his arms.

Thank you for raising him to understand that parenting isn’t a one person job, and that changing diapers, feeding babies, bath time, picking out outfits, and story time aren’t just one persons responsibilities.

Thank you for teaching him to always finish what he starts and to never back down from a challenge.

You raised my husband, you helped mold him, and you gave him all of your love. Your son grew into a wonderful, well-rounded, equal partner, and outstanding dad. All of the painful, difficult, and joyous moments you shared together led him to become the man he is today. The man that I love.

You should be proud.

I promise you, I will always love, cherish, and care for him to the best of my abilities. I will support him the way he supports me, believe in him the way he believes in me, and nurture our relationship the way he nurtures it.

I’m grateful for this man and the way you raised him. He’s not afraid to get down and dirty and have important conversations to improve ourselves and our marriage. He doesn’t hide his emotions and has taught me how to communicate effectively and in a healthy way, he keeps me grounded. He keeps me sane.

He has my heart.

Thank you for giving him a wonderful start, now it’s my turn to do my part.


A Thankful Daughter-In-Law

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